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Lorenz is a talented and dedicated design professional. I would be happy to recommend him to any world-class design team.

- Johannes Lampela ( Des. Director Designworks, a BMW Group Company / Los Angeles ) 2019


Lorenz showed a lot of personal initiative and team-oriented working methods. He managed to contribute crucially to several projects. 

- Christian Schwamkrug ( Des. Director Studio F. A. Porsche) 2015


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2019 -

Junior Designer

GRO Design is a Dutch design studio creating product solutions and user experiences for A-brand companies around the world in the consumer, B2B and healthcare fields.



GRO logo



6 month

Design Internship

An incredible 6-month Internship at  BMW Designworks at the headquarter in Los Angeles. It has always been a dream of mine to work as a Designer In California. During my internship I had the chance to work for global brands with highly inspiring characters. 


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cum laude


Graduation (MSc) 

I graduated (cum laude) from Integrated Product Design at Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) under the Supervisory of Dutch Designer Bruno Ninaber van Eyben. During a  33 weeks periode I cooperated with high-end kitchen appliance manufacturer Gaggenau to create a novel approach for embedding automation into the luxury kitchen of tomorrow.

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Company Project

A multidisciplinary design team of 6 students was formed to acquire a company for a cooperation. The German luxury brand Gaggenau joined for a  project over a period of 22 weeks.  

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Company Project

For the 'Advanced Concept Design' project, I was collaborating with Dutch Virtual Reality pioneers of Manus VR for enabling a more immersive gaming experience. 

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Company Project

A team of 6 design students collaborated with Philips to design a novel vacuum cleaner for the 'Advanced Embodiment Design' course.  



2 years

Master's Program

Integrated Product Design

TU Delft in the Netherlands offers a multidisciplinary environment and teaches product design in a methodological and holistic way to prepare designers for today's complex and interdisciplinary challenges.



5 month

Design Internship 

Tulp Design / Munich

Tulp Design's vision of 'brand architecture' transforms brand values into the third dimension for designing perceivable spaces, offices and exhibition appearances for their customers.




6 month

Design Internship

Studio F. A. Porsche / Zell am See

The 6-month internship in the former Porsche Design Studio has been a very formative experience for designing consumer goods for the luxury segment. 

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Bachelor's Degree

Industrial Design / scionic® 

Universität für Gestaltung Linz

The result of the bachelor project under the supervisory of Prof. Axel Thallemer was a novel bionic office chair to increase ergonomics standards - designed for  the German company Festo.

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Design Internship

Design Studio Formquadrat / Linz

Over a time span of 3 months, I got involved in B2B and B2C design projects, including local and global brands.  



Bachelor's Program

Industrial Design scionic® Universität für Gestaltung Linz

The Industrial Design department scionic® was under the lead of Prof. Axel Thallemer and had a focus on bionic principles. From the 1st semester on all major projects were executed with real companies and partners to foster a lifelike designer mindset.

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High School Graduation

Bundesrealgymnasium Salzburg (BRG)

The "Plus Project" specialization introduced students into project management and team work.


Summer Job

Design Studio KISKA

A unique experience and key moment for me to discover my fascination for design. Exploring the working environment of a transportation designer and getting introduced into digital sketching made me focus on studying industrial design from the early age of 16.



born in Salzburg / Austria

1st of November 1990

Lorenz Bauer Design 2020